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So, what have we learned from this story?

First, you can use data to find ways to wow your customers. You can build loyalty and trust, and that data does not have to be highly structured or even be created inside your own 4 walls.

Second, you need a strategy if you want to use data to drive corporate performance.

What works for Hyatt works because it fits their brand and addresses a challenge their business faces. Your data strategy needs to spell out where and how high-quality data will add value for your enterprise.

Last, you need to execute that plan – Hyatt can only do this because they’ve built strong integration between operational teams, procedures, & CRM systems that translates the social data into in-house data and action. The result is delivering delight to me as a customer. Break down the silos in your business to provide a harmonised, happy experience for customers, staff, partners and any other stakeholder that counts in your success.

Remember, the smallest details can have the biggest impact.

Neil Burge, Happy Hyatt customer

How can you drive better performance for your firm using data? Which small details in data might make a big difference to your customers, employees or partners?

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