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Site map and navigation

Welcome to Cognopia academy! Let’s get familiar with some of the key functions and their navigations. Move along with me as I set up my profile and start taking some lessons.

Getting started

On the top right-hand corner, navigate to your name and you can access your main features broken down here:
  • Dashboard
  • Subscriptions
  • Profile
  • Account

Setting up your profile

The first thing you can(and should) do is update your profile! Select Profile and you should have a myraid of options to edit your information and upload a photo if you so choose to.

Your profile should have most of the details based on your registration. Feel free to change anything here to better suit your needs. There is also the option to upload a profile image and cover photo as shown below.

Example end result of me updating my profile

Account settings

Another feature you might want to be familiar with is the handling of your account itself. The typical options of changing your password and other activities such as how other members can reach out to you and your privacy settings are all found here. Please view the images below for an example.

Taking your first lesson!

Starting from your dashboard, we can see that there is a message as well as a notification button on the top right-hand corner beside my profile picture. That is where we keep you up to date on the latest information regarding Cognopia academy and where all your messages can be viewed.

The bottom half of the page contains the courses that I’ve already started and courses I’ve yet to embark on. You can filter them by instructors and alphabetical order.

We can then select which course we wish to take and proceed. For this example, I’ll be selecting the “6 Easy Steps to win at Data Governance course”.

Upon selecting the course, you should be greeted by the course page with a few metrics shown:

  • Course details
  • If you have taken the course, how far are you in the curriculum
  • What this course includes at a high level mainly how many
    • Lessons 
    • Topics
    • Quizzes
  • A full breakdown of the course content and which lessons you’ve completed if you’ve already started.
  • There’s also a preview video of the course itself

Continuing your learning

Once you’re ready to continue taking your lessons, you can simply click on which ever lesson you want to take in the course content page at the bottom or click on continue on the right as shown in the previous image. The Cognopia Academy does not restrict you from taking the lessons in any order as we understand there are certain topics you’re more keen on as well as subjects you’re already familiar with. If you’re new to data governance and the world of data however, we do recommend taking the lessons in the order prescribed. From here, let’s dive into the course itself!

Note: The course eBook will be ,made available in the first lesson for each course. For example, the eBook for the “6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance” is available here.

Cognopia academy uses a structure where each course contains a few lessons and each lesson may or may not have self contained topics and quizzes.

The example to the left is a breakdown of one of the lessons in our 6 ways to win at Data Governance course. Notice lesson contains 3 topics and 2 quizzes. Not all lessons contain both topics and quizzes.

The course lesson or topic you’re currently at also has a grey tint to help inform you which page is it.


Once in the course itself, you can see a couple of things:

  • On the left is the content library that shows how far you’ve gone in this course as well as the breakdown of lessons and topics.
  • In the middle of the page, from top to bottom, you will find:
    • Which lesson and topic you’re currently at (E.g. Lesson 4 / Topic 1)
    • How much of the course have you completed (E.g. 65%)
    • The option to toggle between the lesson video and the external materials
    • The lesson video itself
    • The lesson in written format
  • On the right you can see the option at the top to toggle into night mode for the late-night learners and the option to toggle back and forth between courses.

When you’re done with the course, you can mark it as complete. The mark complete option is located at the bottom of the page at the end of the written lesson notes that come together with the video. Do take note that once you’ve marked a lesson as complete, this option disappears to prevent any confusion.

The lesson notes that come with each video serve as an alternative option to go through the lessons as we understand there students are who prefer to read instead of watch the videos. It is perfectly fine to choose either method of learning as they both cover the same content. 

If there are external materials that can be referenced for the lesson, a tab called “Materials” will appear to the right of the “Lesson” tab which will display anything from source materials we’ve referenced to useful information from authors we recommend.

Should you come across a quiz at the end of the topic in a lesson, feel free to re-attempt them if you need to. There might appear an option to get a hint too. 

The moment you’re confident with the answer, click check. Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can click continue to move on the both the previous topic and the quiz itself will be marked as complete.

Do note that you need to at least get over 75% in the quiz before the option to continue appears. That said, the quizzes shouldn’t be too challenging and you can always click on which ever topics you’re interested in away as we do not wish to restrict your learning.

This marks the end of the site navigation aid. We hope you enjoy the Cognopia Academy! Please do reach out with any questions or feedback via [email protected]