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Introduction – How to ACE the CDMP Fundamentals Exam

Ace the CDMP

So, you want to ace the CDMP Fundamentals Exam? I don’t blame you. There’s a massive increase in the number of job descriptions that demand this qualification. And if you want to reach the very top and become a chief data officer, it’s absolutely essential that you get this qualification.

So how do we help you ace this exam? Well, it all comes from my own experience, to be perfectly honest. I first started by trying to read the DMBoK cover to cover, and I got through probably 250 pages of speed reading before I was way too bored and I thought, “There’s got to be a better way”.

So I went and registered for the actual exam and I went over and did the practice exams that CDMP provides.

This helped me find the gaps and holes in my knowledge so I could work out exactly what I should read and compare it against what I already knew. This helped me get the exam on my first time.


Improving the process

I realized the practice exams weren’t perfect and they missed some of the key questions that you get asked in the real exam.

So we created our own question exam bank.

Using this technique, I got my colleague Cliff through the exam inside two weeks.


Put it into practice yourself

So how should you use this?

Well, first sign in and start by taking 100 question exam that replicates the questions and the style of the real exam.

We will then use that to uncover exactly where you’re strong and where you’re weak and guide you through the content that we have online.

Secondly, we’ve created handy chapter summaries to tell you what is it that you really need to know about this chapter and what should you ignore for the time being or refer back to later on once you’re a professional that has the job that you want.

So what are you waiting for?

  1. Sign up now.
  2. Check out the content on what you need to study in the DMBoK.
  3. Take that 100 question test and let us be your concierge guide to the DMBoK, so you learn what you need to know to ace the CDMP Fundamentals exam.

Good luck!