Learn How to Create Ironclad Data Strategy Your Execs Can't Ignore

Only 2% of the firms we surveyed have a data strategy that’s aligned to their corporate strategy

This leads to frustration, wasted effort, and often the data team looking for a new job. Learn how to create Ironclad Data Strategy your Execs can’t Ignore in this 2 hour course.

Are you certain that your data strategy will work?

Less than a third of firms have a data strategy today. They’re missing out.

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Why take this course?

Are you trying to drive business performance with enterprise data?

How confident are you that your plans to get the business to be data-driven are going to work?

Are your business peers demanding more analytics, greater access to data, and wondering why they’re being left behind in the race to squeeze value from AI and Machine Learning? 

If you’re grappling with these challenges, you need a data strategy. Unfortunately, most of the data teams we speak to are more comfortable with technology than they are with business strategy. This leads to frustration, waste and anxiety because the goals of the business are not aligned with the value the data team delivers.

This course is laid out to teach you how to think like a strategist. Learn what you need to do to unlock the value of data for your enterprise and join the 2% of winners that already have an Ironclad Data Strategy that’s delivering meaningful value.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch some of the sample lessons below:

What is Data Strategy

Learn what data strategy means and what you need to include to create one in this 2 minute 17 second long lesson.

Learn 9 ways data drives value

To win with data strategy we have to learn where to leverage our data strenghts. Here’s 9 ways Cognopia has identified to leverage data for competitive advantage in this 5 minute, 5 second long video.

Have you got good strategy or bad strategy?

Most data strategies miss the mark because they fail to include the right components. Learn the difference between good and bad data strategy in this 2 minute, 36 second long video.

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What others are saying:

What's included in the How to Create Ironclad Data Strategy your Execs can't Ignore course?

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What is a data strategy and why do I need one?

Bad strategy - when strategies fail
How to set up to create great strategy
Get your Strategy Airborne

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