How to decide which CDMP Grade to aim for

How to decide which CDMP Grade to aim for

It can be overwhelming to study for the CDMP. The DMBoK is a huge book, and it’s not possible for one person to remember it all.

It’s also hard to know which areas are most important – what should you read first? What can you skim over?

The problem gets worse when you have to make a plan to get a specific grade on the CDMP. Should you just aim for the Associate Tier, getting 60% or more? Or do you need to prove you’re an expert who will chase down the CDMP Specialist Exams?

We have done the thinking so you don't have to

When establishing the Cognopia CDMP Academy we ran dozens of interviews with CDMP students. 

Since launching the Cognopia CDMP Academy we have continued to learn what makes our students chase this dream. We can also see who is successful in getting the top score vs those that struggle. 

As such we have put together this short questionnaire to answer the question “which CDMP grade should I aim for?”.

It will take less than 3 minutes to get your answer. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Using the CDMP Grade results

The great thing about the CDMP exam is that it’s the same, regardless of which grade you are aiming for. This means that you can aim for a low grade and still get the top score.

Many of our students have selected a modest ambition – paying for an Associate or Practitioner level guarantee and then they have thrown themselves into the study and ended up with a Master level grade.

Similarly we have seen others that pay for the Master Guarantee and miss the score on their first attempt (no problem, that’s what the guarantee is there for). 

Sometimes these students have simply “bitten off more than they can chew” – setting an aggressive goal to score heavily when they may not have the depth of experience to fall back on in the exam.

Getting the right grade for you

It’s really important to understand WHY you want to achieve a certain grade. 

Some students feel the need to differentiate themselves from their peers, hence they chase the Practitioner or Master level grades. 

Aiming high can help you focus, but it can also make the goal feel further out of reach. You know you need to pass both the Fundamentals Exams as well as two Specialist Exams. 

Use the quiz above to identify your current state, right size your ambition, and ensure you only pay for the grade you really need.