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How to build a data-driven business and make more money

Learn how to build a data-driven business and make more money

We teach practical tips, tricks, tools and techniques to help you improve your data. Improve your data and improve your career, buy now to avoid the price rise coming in June 2022.

The rise of the strategic CIO

Our Courses:

Win with data

6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance

Learn how and why data governance drives better business performance in this 1 hour, 35 minute long course.

It's practical, straightforward, and immediately delivers value

Just 279 USD

Where do I begin

Practical content so you know where to begin

Learn what data you need to manage, where data drives business performance, and how to build a data governance framework fit for your business.

This course includes:
✔ 116 page e-book
✔ 14 lessons
✔ 23 topics
✔ 5 quizzes
✔ Course certificate

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How to Create Ironclad Data Strategy your Execs can't Ignore

A data strategy is essential if you want to unlock the full value of your data. Join the top 2% of firms that can use data to drive business performance in this 2 hour long course.

Just 379 USD


How to align business strategy with data strategy

If you want to succeed you need a data strategy framework that shows where data drives business outcomes.

This course includes:
✔ 154 page e-book
✔ 11 lessons
✔ 30 topics
✔ Data strategy templates
✔ Course certificate

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Engage the business

Fail-proof data valuation techniques: monetise your information assets

To justify investments in data and analytics you need to put hard and soft dollar values on enterprise data assets.

Learn how to put a price on data in this 2 hour 35 minute course

Just 399 USD


Get your funding flowing

We teach 7 fail-proof data valuation techniques you can immediately deploy to get the funding you need

This course includes:
✔ 195 page e-book
✔ Data valuation calculator
✔ 19 lessons
✔ 35 topics
✔ 8 quizzes
✔ Course certificate

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How to Deploy a Data Governance Program

Building on the 6 Easy Steps Course, we teach the detailed sequence of activities you need to operationalise data governance.

Ditch the theory, roll up your sleeves, and let's deploy data governance.

Time poor

Deliver quick wins in your first 100 days

Learn how to deploy data governance that's fit for your enterprise.

This course includes:
✔ How to align data governance with your business model and culture
✔ Setting principles that excite
✔ How to get the right people in the right role

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Join students from:

Fun content

Boost data maturity

Quick and easy

Supercharge your skills

Practical tools

Earn more money

What others are saying:

Why we're different

Engaging course content, not boring theory

Practical examples using real-world companies you know

Short lessons, immediately beneficial

Simple to understand and apply

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Our courses are designed to be practical, not theoretical. We leverage business-led frameworks such as the business model canvas, value proposition canvas and decision intelligence canvasses to teach how to align data strategy with business strategy.

There are similarities with the DCAM approach, but this site is not affiliated with DCAM or DMBOK.

CIMP offers a range of training and certification. All Cognopia instructors hold either CIMP or CIMP Ex certification.

The CIMP education packages offer great content to understand the theory and history of data management. Cognopia courses focus on practical application of the course material – getting out of the classroom using real-world examples from companies you recognise.

CDMP is a certification from the DAMA organisation. Their exams test the knowledge of the DAMA DMBoK (volume 2). CDMP certification also requires industry experience.

Cognopia courses are designed for data management professionals of all levels. We teach practical techniques to improve your data and the value your organisation can get from its data.

In our experience, students need more than theory. Our training helps data people speak the language of the business, driving up engagement and getting executive sponsorship.

If you are banging your head against a brick wall trying to get the business to understand your work, these courses are for you.

Yes, we welcome team enrollments and can offer compelling dicsounts to larger groups.

Please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

You’ll be immediately logged into our online training academy dashboard. From here, you can begin your training.

You’ll have lifetime access to the Cognopia Academy as long as the subscription is active. Customers tell us they save time using the Academy vs endless searching for answers on Google.

You can purchase access to just one course, but we believe that there’s a need to learn continuously. Our Academy is designed to help you learn and apply what you learn. A subscription model help you to do this.

Absolutely. Many clients prefer a mix of self-study and live, online training. However we can arrange for face to face training if required.

Please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

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Learn how to build a data-driven business and make more money

We teach practical tips, tricks, tools and techniques to help you improve your data. Improve your data and improve your career, buy now to avoid the price rise coming in June 2022.

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