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How to use our CDMP Practice Exam:

This is a 40-question practice exam, replicating the type of questions you’ll find in the CDMP Data Management Fundamentals Exam.

Like the official DAMA CDMP Practice exam, we ask 40 questions that cover the 14 Knowledge Areas of the DMBoK. There is no time limit on this quiz, but if you wish to replicate the real-world conditions, set a timer and give yourself no more than 36 minutes to complete the test.

You should select the correct answer from the 5 options in each question. Like the CDMP Data Management Fundamentals Exam itself, this is OPEN BOOK – you can refer to a copy of the DMBoK during the test to help score more points.

What do my CDMP exam results mean?

This test will grade your answers and give you a score percentage. We follow the same scoring system that DAMA uses:

  • If you score 60% or more, you will be confident of passing the Fundamentals exam and achieving a Certified Data Management Associate grade
  • If you score 70% or more, you’ll be confident of passing the CDMP exam and earning the Practitioner grade
  • If you score 80% or more, you can be confident of earning the Master level designation – although this requires the student also to pass 2 “Specialist exams”

If you’re unsure about the DAMA system, check out this section “what is CDMP certification?

How can I use the results of this CDMP Practice Exam?

Firstly, by taking the exam you’re exposing yourself to questions about the DMBoK. This will help you think more deeply about the content than simply reading the book.

Secondly, you get a feel for the type of question – what will be asked, how are the questions worded, and what are the tricky answers that are there to throw me off the scent?

Finally, you may elect to purchase our “How to Pass the CDMP Fundamentals Exam” report – this will tell you which answers you got right, which you got wrong, what the correct answer is, and why it is the correct answer (with direct references to the DMBoK Chapter and section). This guide will help you focus your study on the areas where you are weakest AND where DAMA gives the highest score. 

Don’t take a chance with the CDMP Fundamentals Exam until you’ve tested your knowledge and have the confidence to pass first time!

How to Pass the CDMP Report

Pass the CDMP Practice Exam
Get your custom guide to CDMP Exam success

Our “How to Pass the CDMP Fundamentals Exam” report is designed to help you pass, first time. 

We take your answers to the questions in this free quiz and break down:

  1. How many you got right for each knowledge area, so you can read the chapters that matter to you
  2. What your answer was, compared to the right answer, so you can see which questions you need more time to understand
  3. Why the answer is correct, referencing the exact Chapter, Section, Page (and sometimes diagram) you need to read to understand the answer

Each section gives a recommendation so you focus your time studying the elements of the DMBoK you’re weakest in, which score the most points in the real exam.

Think of it like your personal, personalised guide to reading the DMBoK and learning the answers you need to succeed.

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