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Digital Strategy: How to Cross the Execution Chasm

Digital Strategy: How to Cross the Execution Chasm

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. You can increase that chance to 80% if you cross the execution chasm.
The rise of the strategic CIO

Boost your success rate

Cross the execution chasm and get your team on the path to success

Digital Strategy Dictates Success

Companies that implement good digital strategies that are customised for their strengths and weaknesses succeed 80% of the time. Learn what they do differently so you can succeed.

Bad Digital Strategy
Success rate 30%
Good Digital Strategy
Digital transformation success rate 80%

Why your firm has a digital strategy execution chasm:


Low digital skills

From the C-Suite down. 75% of CEOs and 87.5% of CFOs are not "digitally proficient". If that sounds like your leadership then your digital strategy will suffer.

Don't go crazy

Lack of oversight

Is your Board digitally savvy? 76% of Boards lack the digital skills to succeed in 2022. Board members can't oversee what they don't understand.

Technology driven

Was your last transformation driven by the business, or did IT take the reins? AI, IoT, and Cloud computing might be "cool", but do they add any business value?

Data issues

If you're like 56% of CEOs, you don't trust the data used to make big decisions. Digital transformations rely on great data, but digital transformations overlook this critical component.

Make more money

No business value

Did you get value from your last digital transformation? Only 20% of firms unlock business value, because they failed to tightly link business and technology strategies together.

Time poor

Lack of time

If your hand was forced by the Pandemic, you had to react quickly to deliver digital-first engagements for customers and employees. Take time to get your digital strategy back on track.

How we fix this

Increase digital skills

We will upgrade your data and digital skills with world-class training. 

Steep learning curve

Unlock your latent talent

Get the full potential from your C-Suite and Board so they can effectively govern.

Where do I begin

Business strategy alignment

We ensure your digital strategy supports your business strategy

Real world examples

Drive business performance

Let's focus only on digital initiatives that deliver value.

Value first

We'll identify the digital friction that destroys value and eliminate it.

Attract the business

Retain more customers

By removing digital friction from your customer experience, we make it easier for your customers to give you money.

Clear problem identification

We laser in on the real problem your business faces, and fix that.

Where the CIO belongs

Plug the success gaps

Fixing 20% of your biggest problems gives you 80% of your required value. We'll help you find and fix these problems.

Link actions to outcomes

Link actions and outcomes

We create a clear path showing what to do, when to do it, and what you'll get at the end.

Leverage success

Leverage strengths

We'll identify your strategic advantages and leverage them against your biggest opportunities.

Digital Strategy Playbook

We give you a digital strategy playbook so you know exactly what to do next.

Unlock maximum value

Immediately drive out digital cost and waste and drive up revenues with this execution plan.

Our happy customers:

What others are saying:

Boost your success rate

Cross the execution chasm and get your team on the path to success

Why we're different

We give you a practical playbook, not boring theory

Bulge bracket strategy consultants are great at blue-sky thinking.

We're great at delivering a strategy you can actually implement.

We put the business in the driving seat

Digital strategies need to improve customer experience, boost employee engagement, cut costs and risk.

The business has to drive this and we're here to help.

Quick delivery and time-to-value

Digital strategy planning does not need to take months.

We'll bring the right people together and deliver quick results.

Simple to understand and apply

The real digital strategy gap is between the C-Suite and the "D-Suite" - the doers in your firm.

We'll help you bridge this gap.


Online access to Cognopia Academy Courses will be provided. Customers will learn where data drives enterprise value, and how to effectively build a data strategy that will underpin your digital strategy.

The kick-off workshop will then deepen this training and make it bespoke for your executive team.


Many digital strategies fail because the organisation is not mature enough to adopt them. We baseline your data maturity today so we can recommend actions that you’re able to get value from. 

Digital Literacy measures the current capability of your senior leadership and ground staff when it comes to leveraging digital opportunities.

Companies with three or more digitally savvy directors on their boards reported 17% higher profit margins and 38% higher revenue growth than those with two or fewer directors.

If we identify a need to increase your digital skills we will also identify opportunities to drive up revenues and profits.


We energise, excite and engage your Senior Leadership team in the opportunities they can expect from a Digital Strategy, and use this to uncover areas of weakness to imprve or areas of strentgth that can be used to extend your competitive advantage.

These form the basis of our Data Focus Area recommendations.

We will work through your Business Model using the Business Model Canvas.

This clearly depicts the major Customers, Value Propositions, Channels and Relationships through which you generate revenues. 

It also documents the Activities, Assets and Partnerships you use to create the value proposition and the cost structures.

With an accurate Business Model Canvas we can quickly identify the Data Focus Areas that will create maximum leverage for your Digital Strategy.

Building on the Business Model Workshop, we now begin to identify critical business strategic objectives that will define and guide our work.

A Digital Strategy will fail unless it is supporting a real, known business strategy. We will set this alignment up so you can succeed.

Each digital interaction creates or consumes data to power it. Digital strategies need to focus on the data flowing through their landscape as this drives corporate performance.

We will tailor your digital strategy to improve and leverage your data assets – for example improving customer experience through data and digital improvements.

The data focus areas identify opportunities to increase revenues, decrease costs and risk, and improve free cash flow for your business.

Cognopia is a pioneer in the use of Decision Intelligence to drive digital strategy modelling. Once we have idenfitied the strategic problem or opportunity we will:

  1. Define the constraints within which our strategy operates
  2. Agree upon the strategic objectives and outcomes
  3. Define measurable goals that tell us when the strategy has succeeded
  4. Identify actions and levers we can use to achieve these goals
  5. Link together actions to see beyond the short term and prioritise our strategic action plan
  6. Identify areas where technology can drive performance, and where it is not necessary today

We bring together Senior Leaders and the “D-Suite” or “doers” in your firm, ensuring all enterprise knowledge is embedded in the strategy. This drives up engagement and makes the team feel a sense of ownership over their strategy.

The output is a decision model that shows all staff what to do, when to do it, how to know it’s working, and how to fix things that are broken.

We aim to deliver the Data Strategy Accelerator inside one month. The exact timing depends on the availability of your team and the speed with which you can turn around our information requests.

We have successfully delivered remote and in person sessions. We suggest that this will be delivered remotely, as any face-to-face sessions need advance planning and will cost more money. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

Digital Strategy: How to Cross the Execution Chasm

Only 30% of digital transformations succeed. You can increase that chance to 80% if you cross the execution chasm.

Boost your success rate

Cross the execution chasm and get your team on the path to success

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