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Data Strategy in 30 Days: Your Fast-Track to Business Alignment and Board Approval

New business strategy on the horizon? We’ll help you link your data strategy to the business strategy with our Data Strategy Facilitation. Secure management approval in 30 days—no consultants needed.

Data Strategy Facilitation

Is Your Data Strategy a Blank Page?

Your business is about to launch a new strategy, and finally they’ve added data as an enabling pillar. Now it’s your responsibility to deliver a data strategy your management can believe in. It’s time to align your data strategy with your business strategy and deliver a data-driven future.

If so, this course is for you

I'm always uncertain about how much technical detail to include in a data strategy. Do I just outline the capabilities we need, or is there more to it than that?

Head of Data Management, International Development Bank

How We Can Help You: Your 30-Day Blueprint to Data Strategy Success

Struggling to align your data initiatives with your new business focus? Our course is your lifeline to bridge the gap between data and business strategy, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to present a credible, achievable plan of action to the board.

Expert Coaching: Your dedicated expert is just a call away, ready to provide personalised advice tailored to your unique challenges.

Our courses feature real world examples from:

Our Solution : How We'll Guide You There

Become a Better Data Professional with Data Management Training

Your Comprehensive Guide to Data Strategy Success

You're not just signing up for a course; you're investing in a complete Data Strategy success package. From practical training modules to one-on-one expert consultations, we've got you covered every step of the way.

Guided Data Strategy Training

Training Approach: Real-World, Actionable Insights

Forget about dry, theoretical lectures. Our course is packed with real-world examples, case studies, and actionable insights that you can apply immediately. You'll learn not just the 'what,' but the 'how' of Data Strategy using Frameworks the teach in leading business schools.

Course Content Highlights - check out our teaching style

The heart of our course is based on aligning your Data Strategy to the Business Strategy and needs. We will work with you to identify which step you need to take, and show you what you need to do to make it successful. Check out this video to learn more about how to link this together:

Check out our full course curriculum below:

Check out our full course curriculum below:

Course Content

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What is a data strategy and why do I need one?

Bad strategy – when strategies fail
How to set up to create great strategy
Get your Strategy Airborne

Course Content

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What is a data strategy and why do I need one?
Bad strategy - when strategies fail
How to set up to create great strategy
Get your Strategy Airborne

Mentoring & Support: You're Never Alone

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of crafting a data strategy that aligns with your business goals? You're not alone. Our mentorship programme is designed to provide you with the emotional and functional support you need at every step of your journey

After the course, the mentorship session was a game-changer. It helped me align my data strategy with business goals and gave me the confidence to deliver a plan of action and impress our board. A must if you're turning course knowledge into action.

Deputy Director of Data, Integrated Healthcare Provider

What Sets Us Apart

Personalised Consultation

Unlike generic online courses, our approach ensures you use what you've learned. Our course mentors are there to show you how to fill in the framework templates and link your data strategy to things your business cares about.

Tools & Templates: Your Data Strategy Toolkit

Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage proven tools and templates? We provide you with the assets you need and teach you how to customise them for your organisation. These Frameworks are used by MBA graduates, and you'll be using them soon, too.

Data Strategy Facilitation

A Guide, Not Just a Lecturer

We're not just a "sage on the stage" but a "guide by your side." Our interactive approach ensures that you can apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios to solve your pressing problems.

We've Got Your Back

Stuck? Confused? Facing resistance from stakeholders? No worries. Our team is here to coach you through the challenges, helping you maintain momentum and achieve success.

Unlock a World of Possibilities

In your future, you're not just tasked with writing Data Strategy, you're asked to lead it. You're not just a participant in meetings but the one driving the agenda. You'll have the skills and confidence to step up and say "I can fix this" and have the business sit up and listen.That's the world our course opens up for you.

What others are saying:

Let’s Get Started

With our hands-on approach, you won’t just be learning—you’ll be doing. You’ll gain the insights, templates, frameworks and mentorship to not only draft your data strategy but to secure board approval within 30 days. And when obstacles arise, we’re right beside you, helping you navigate challenges and celebrate wins. Welcome to your fast-track to a board-endorsed data strategy—no consultants needed.

Pricing Options: Choose Your Path to Data Strategy Success

Data Strategy

  • Focus: Foundational Knowledge
  • Course Access: "How to Create Ironclad Data Strategy Your Execs Can't Ignore"
  • Downloadable Templates: Fill in these Templates to get a fast-start to a successful Data Strategy
  • Course PDF: Download the Data Strategy Guide; your Handy Reference tool

Data Strategy Professional

$9,987 USD
  • Focus: Engage and enable your whole team
  • Includes Everything in the Data Strategy Rising Star package, Plus:
  • Team Access: Extended Data Strategy Course access for up to 6 team members
  • Strategy Workshops: Five additional 2-hour strategy mapping workshops where our Course guide will facilitate the Data Strategy mapping
  • Extended Mentoring: If you get stuck trying to apply what you've learned, reach out to your personal Data Strategy mentor and get support to overcome your business challenges

Common Questions:

To help you make the decision, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below:

What does "Foundational Knowledge" really mean in the Lite package?

The Lite package teaches the essential theories and frameworks you need to understand and draft your own data strategy. It’s a self-paced course that gives you the basics to get started.


This is perfect for those that need to get working Data Strategy templates that they’re comfortable applying without instructor support.

How useful are the "Downloadable Templates" in the Lite package?

These templates are designed to give you a quick start in drafting your data strategy. They’re plug-and-play, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss key elements, and based on the leading Strategic thinking used in MBA courses.


They are the same templates we use for our internal strategy planning, and the same we use with our client engagements. 

What's the benefit of the "Instructor-led Course Q&A" in the Rising Star package?

Every organisation is unique, and every student comes to our course with a different set of background knowledge and experience.


This 1-hour deep dive allows you to ask specific questions related to your unique situation, ensuring you can apply the course material effectively in your organisation.

What is the "Post-course Project" in the Rising Star package?

After our Q&A session we will know exactly what you need to achieve to use what you’ve learned. We will create a customised 2-page PDF project that guides you to asking the right questions and capturing the insight you’ll need to build a winning Data Strategy.


You’ll have 2 weeks to complete your project. After submission, we’ll set up a 2.5-hour workshop to review your work and help you turn your ideas into actionable steps.

What if I can't complete the project inside 2 weeks?

No problem – we understand that work pressures get in the way, and sometimes you have to fight the fires before you can plan the future.


We are flexible to fit this around your schedule – the 2 week deadline is useful because it drives people forward and forces you to prioritise this work. If we need to change the schedule, we will.

The Data Strategy Professional course is much more expensive, is it worth the investment?

This package is suitable for teams that need to collaborate and bring their different knowledge and experience to the table to create a winning Data Strategy.


If you have a team of 3-6 people that are all going to work together to build your Data Strategy, this course is for you. 


We set your team a project to frame the Data Strategy, then we carve out a series of 2 hour workshops where we facilitate the use of our Templates and map out your Data Strategy in real time.

If you get stuck working on this, you’ve also got access to your course mentor to answer any questions and ensure your strategy comes together as quickly and easily as possible.

I have more than 6 people in my team. Can we add more delegates to the Data Strategy Professional Course?

No problem – this course is by application only, to ensure we can give you the guidance you need to succeed.


In the application process please let us know how many colleagues you need to work with. We would recommend no more than 12, in order to maximise the value of the Data Strategy Workshop sessions.

How are the Q&A and workshop sessions delivered?

All sessions are delivered remotely using Webex and Miro boards. 


We will record and transcribe each session and provide you with these files to refer back to at the end of the engagement. 


It is possible for us to facilitate the sessions in person, however most clients find this to be unnecessary. 

What timezone will these sessions be delivered in?

We will fit the sessions around your working schedule. We have active students on every continent (OK, not Antarctica, but all the populated continents). 


We’re here to help you get your Data Strategy written and approved as quickly as possible.

Can I expense this as a training cost?

Yes, many of our clients successfully expense this course through their training or HR budgets.


If you need help to write a funding request memo, please reach out using our Whatsapp number below.