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The rise of the strategic CIO

Data Management training sucks. It’s all theory, no practice. The lessons go on for hours but you don’t feel like you learned a thing.

We set out to change that with the Cognopia Academy – read on to learn more…

Here's what's different about our course material:

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What's different about our training approach?

Right, first time

Straight to the point - BS not allowed

No filler, no waffle - just practical, usable nuggets of knowledge that you can put to work in your role.

Attract the business

Learn how to excite your business peers

Tech jargon bores business people. We'll give you the skills and the stats to jolt them back into action

Time poor

Designed for busy professionals where time is money

Lessons are 3 to 5 minutes long, designed so you can learn what you need on your schedule

Who this course is for


You need to grasp the core concepts

Confused about the difference between data management and data governance? Do you know what tasks you should prioritise? We'll show you.

Where do I begin

You don't know where you need to start

You're not alone. If you're tasked with delivering a data improvement project, it can be daunting. We're here to help show you the way.


You want to become a certified data expert

Those that pass our course get a certificate to prove they're a data expert. Those with data governance skills earn up to $199,336 per year!

Check out some of the course content here

Master Data Introduction

Master data defines the core relationships your business has. It’s critical to get right. Learn what goes wrong when master data is unmanaged in this 3 minute 16 second long lesson.

Link good data to good business

If you’re struggling to get the business to care about data improvements you’ve got to find a way to hit them where it hurts – their revenues. In 3 mins and 42 seconds we show how to link customer experience to great data, and put a price on fixing it.

What stops you being data-driven?

It’s all well and good to push out businesses to be data-driven, but there’s good reasons why they struggle. Learn what to do about it in this 3 minute, 39 second long lesson.

What's included in the Course?

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