Fail-Proof Data Valuation Techniques: Monetise your Information Assets

Less than 1 in 10 firms can put both hard and soft dollar values on the data they use. This leads to under-investment in data products and data improvement programs, as executives back other initiatives. If you're frustrated by being unable to get funding for your next data project, you need this course.

We have identified 7 fail-proof techniques to put dollar values on data. This course will help if:

  1. You want to stop spinning your wheels and focus your work on data that delivers real value
  2.  You need to justify your next budget but have no idea where to begin
  3. You've been tasked with creating data products to improve revenues, cut costs, or reduce risk
  4. You're interested in monetising data assets and becoming a profit centre

Read on to learn more...

When you complete this course, you’ll be ready to:

You need to place hard and soft values on data assets, so you can prioritise projects that deliver meaningful value.

If you want people to sponsor your data project, you need to place tangible dollar values on data. We’ll share 7 fail-proof techniques and show you how to translate the value into a number your Board of Directors can’t ignore.

We even provide a free data valuation calculator that you can use to immediately demonstrate the value of your data assets.

What you'll learn:

Learn how to put hard and soft dollar values on your data assets.

Join the top 10% of firms that know the worth of their data projects, and prioritise those with real value.

Learn the pricing skills you need to be able to sell or trade your data. Data broking is a $2Bn industry, don’t miss out on skills you need to make more money for your business.

The course comes with a data valuation calculator, so you can just plug your data in and prove its value immediately.


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Why we need to put a dollar value on data
Setting the scene - a Finance 101
Establishing a baseline
Fail-Proof Data Valuation Techniques
Using data valuations

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