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Data Monetisation and Data Valuation Training Course

Data Monetisation is big business - with thousands of open roles for Data Product Managers monthly, and a major drive by CDOs to move beyond being a "compliance box-checking exercise" toward using data to create new revenue and profit streams.

If you want your organisation to monetise data you need to put a value on that data. We'll teach you how.

Does this sound familiar?

If you have a revenue target to hit with your data, you’ll need to ensure you put the right price on it. But what is the right price for an intangible asset? And what is an intangible asset in the first place?

The challenge when monetising data is getting the right price – whether that’s directly selling your data, bartering it for other valuable assets, or simply demanding proper funding so your team gets recognition for the value it provides.

Learn 7 practical data valuation methods you can immediately use to drive up revenues, drive down cost and risk, and increase your business profit.

After passing this course, you'll be able to:

The course is structured so you can learn what you need, when you need it. 

Each lesson is 3-5 minutes long, based on real-world examples with companies you recognise to make this subject easy to understand and easier to apply.

You get a data valuation calculator to use, so anyone can apply what they’ve learned and use it in their organisation.

Lastly, we will help you put a price on your data products if you need our help. Just reach out and we’ll work with you to apply what you’ve learned and make the progress you deserve. 

How it works:

  1. You start by signing up to the course today
  2. Work your way through the content provided, focusing on the valuation and monetisation strategies that you need today
  3. Pick a data product you want to monetise, then set up time for us to help you put a value on that product
  4. You turn this into action, applying the practical examples we provide to monetise your data products and become a profit centre for your business

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Why we need to put a dollar value on data

Setting the scene - a Finance 101
Establishing a baseline
Fail-Proof Data Valuation Techniques
Using data valuations

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