Fail-Proof Data Valuation Techniques: Monetise your Information Assets

Why bother putting a dollar value on data? In our 2021 research, we found that every single respondent agreed with the statement that "data is an enterprise asset". However, 35% of firms were only viewing data in terms of the costs to store or purchase it. The result was low business engagement, projects where funding was cut, and frustration and anxiety amongst the data teams.

Imagine how that changes when you're able to put both hard and soft dollar values on your data assets? You can waltz into the CFO's office, armed with cold, hard facts about how much your data work and datasets are enhancing Enterprise Value. In fact, you'll probably be enthusiastically telling the CFO about how the Finance team's data is the next project to transform the fortunes of your firm.

Take this course if:

  1. You want to stop spinning your wheels and focus your work on data that delivers real value
  2.  You need to justify your next budget but have no idea where to begin
  3. You've been tasked with creating data products to improve revenues, cut costs, or reduce risk
  4. You're interested in monetising data assets and becoming a profit centre

Read on to learn more...

Do you want to increase corporate revenues and turn your data and analytics department from a cost-centre to a profit-centre? Are you struggling to justify increased analytics budgets because prior teams have failed to justify the ROI? Or are you a Data Product Manager keen to deliver the biggest bang-for-your-buck and you want to focus on the data that matters? This course is for you.

How to get funding and sell your data

You probably already know what great data looks like and how it’s going to drive great business results. However you need money to get your program off the ground. The best-laid plans go to waste unless they’re executed against, and to get moving you need money. This course will show you how to get it.

In our 2021 research, 100% of respondents believe that data is an enterprise asset. Yet even out of those that said “data is a driver of competitive differentiation”, only 1 in 5 were able to put both hard and soft dollar values on their data.

A full 35% of our respondents said “data value is only ever considered in terms of costs”. Another 28% had just thought about this on some projects. And 12% more just had basic ROI templates and business cases. That means 3 in every 4 data projects are relying on hope when they go for funding. We’ll teach you how to build fail-proof data valuations that demand budgets.

For those of you looking to monetise your information assets, we’ll show you how to calculate the value of your data and make sure you get the best price when selling, licensing, bartering or trading data.

Wake up your business stakeholders!

54% of firms state that their senior stakeholders are either not interested or poorly engaged in data activities. When we look only at the companies that place the least value on their data, this figure rises to 73%.

  • When you fail to link the value of data to the initiatives in your business, senior stakeholders walk

This course will change that. We’ll help you pack your business case with measurable data valuations that drive up engagement. We’ll show you how to link business value to data maturity. And we’ll help you prioritise the projects in your business that will deliver the biggest bang-for-your-buck.

The outcome will be increased engagement because you’ll be bringing money into the business. Your analytics projects will be self-funding, commanding respect and adulation from your business peers.

Strap in and learn how to place tangible value on your enterprise data assets…

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Why we need to put a dollar value on data
Setting the scene - a Finance 101
Establishing a baseline
Fail-Proof Data Valuation Techniques
Using data valuations
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