6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance

Learn how to successfully deploy a Data Governance program using our 6 Easy Steps to win at Data Governance.

In this course, you'll learn:

  1. How to understand the language used in Data Governance, and how to communicate clearly with your own management
  2. What are the main data types, and why are they important (using practical, real-world examples)
  3. What bad data looks like, and how you can find the data that you must fix first
  4. What Data Governance means for your firm, and what you need to do to establish it formally
  5. The common pitfalls you have to avoid when kicking off a Data Governance function
  6. The 6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance, so you can improve your career

We use bite-sized lessons, no more than 5 minutes long, with practical examples you can immediately implement. We use brands and businesses you're familiar with, so you can understand the problem in plain English, and relate it to your day job.

If you're struggling to understand where data governance fits your business, this course is for you.

When you complete this course, you’ll be ready to:

Data Governance can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the subject. But it doesn’t have to be.

We have designed a course that will teach you everything you need to know to talk knowledgeably about data and data governance.

By the end of the course you’ll know what data you need to govern. You’ll know how to spot bad data. You’ll be able to clearly state how much cost and risk bad data creates for your own business. 

Lastly, you’ll know what you need to do to set up a world-class data governance function in your organisation.

What you'll learn:

Data Governance training can be boring and overly theoretical. We should know, we’ve got the CDMP, CIMP and DCAM certifications to prove it!

Our courses are designed to keep you awake, to focus only on skills that matter, and to teach you the real-world knowledge you need to succeed.

We deliver 3 to 5 minute long lessons packed with practical skills that help you understand why you need data governance, what value it brings to your business, and the 6 Easy Steps you need to deploy a winning data governance program for your firm.

Stop struggling with boring “filler” content. Start succeeding with our 6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance course!

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About this course
The basics of data in your organisation
Why data matters
What does bad data look like, and how do you find it?
How to fix bad data with good governance
Kicking off your data governance initiative
Data Governance case studies - winning with data governance

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