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6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance

Are you struggling to govern your data? This course helps two groups:

  1. Those without data governance today, who need clarity on what to do and how to do it in plain English, and;
  2. Those with ineffective data governance, who struggle to persuade their business to take ownership and accountability for data, banging their head against a brick wall trying to make progress.

Before you roll out or fix a data governance program, you've got to understand the main concepts with practical examples. We will show you 6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance so you can quickly and easily establish a data governance function that works for your business.

Do you suffer from three or more of these issues?

If you want good data you know you need good data governance. But that’s easy to say and hard to do.

There’s loads of information available online, but is any of it practical? Can you really apply it in your organisation, or is it just theory?

This course is a short, practical education on Data Governance, designed to give you the tips, tricks and templates you need to teach your business how to take better care of their data, get funding, and make progress toward a data-driven future.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

You need to quickly learn these skills so you can get on with doing your day job. Our content is designed to fit around your schedule – with lessons that are 3-5 minutes long and full of practical tips based on real-world examples.

We provide written documents you can use in your own internal communications to build the business case for change and get your data under control.

How it works:

  1. You start by signing up to the course today
  2. Work your way through the content provided, focusing on the core challenges you struggle with
  3. Reach out to our team if you’ve got questions, we love to help
  4. You turn this into action, applying the practical examples we provide to build a world-class Data Governance function in your firm

You’ll have the skills you need to succeed in days, not weeks or months. Stop struggling and start succeeding with the Cognopia Academy

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About this course

The basics of data in your organisation
Why data matters
What does bad data look like, and how do you find it?
How to fix bad data with good governance
Kicking off your data governance initiative
How to Implement Data Governance in your firm
Data Governance case studies - winning with data governance

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