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Cognopia Academy Student CDMP Success Stories

Don't listen to the marketing hype, listen to real student's real CDMP success stories

When you’re making an investment decision in your own education it’s always hard to know what to buy. 

That’s why we collect real student’s CDMP success stories – you can listen to other’s, understand why they decided to join, and hear candid feedback about what they liked about the course.

Perhaps your story can join them one day, too?

CDMP Success Story 1 - Mushir

Mushir needed to get the CDMP so he could advance in his career. Even though he had bucketloads of experience in Data Governance and was running a Data Quality function, he had to learn the DAMA jargon and focus on the Knowledge Areas that he had less practical experience with. Enter the Cognopia Academy – and after a few weeks of guided study, Mushir cleared the exam with 75%

I wanted to take a moment to really give you an honest opinion on what Neil’s training program has done for me.

So I came to Neil because I realised that even though I have all the elements in my resume, a good LinkedIn profile, but one piece that was missing is a credible certification like the CDMP program. So I started researching and quickly came across his Cognopia business and his training programs, and I reached out to him. He made me take an initial test to kind of draw a line in the sand, and he guaranteed that in a month I would be able to get the certification.

I was actually pretty excited because I thought the 650 page manual would take me months. But he gave me hope that this can be done fairly quickly. So I registered for the program. And honestly, it took me two full weeks of maybe 2 hours a day, an hour a day of consistent studying. And I passed the basic associate tier with 75, which is fairly good. You know, it’s it’s more than I had expected.

And what it has enabled me now to do is really beef up my profile. People are starting to look at my certification. It gives me more credibility in addition to my work experience and my education. I have seen a fairly larger amount of hits on LinkedIn and people have reached out to me for leadership positions. And I certainly have to say that this certification goes a long way in doing that.

I suggest definitely do this. And I also suggest give Neil a call out because he will definitely work with you one on one, spend time to ensure that you get what you’re really trying to get. And it’s a pleasure working with him. And I have all the confidence that anyone that signs up will eventually get what they want. Thank you.

CDMP Success Story 2 - Harin

Harin was not trying to clear the CDMP to change jobs, he just realised that Data Management was growing in importance in his organisation and he had an opportunity to step up and lead. As a result he registered for our course, and after quite a lot of engagement (we spent a few nights chatting on WhatsApp) he cleared the exam inside 2 weeks with a score of 82%

Hi, this is Harin Dave. I live in New York, USA. I recently passed the CDMP Fundamentals at Master level.

Just to give you kind of context. I’ve been working within the capacity of program in the business management over the last few years, but I always worked around the data platform. And that’s when I moved to CDO team last year in the Global Financial Services Organization, I was looking for some professional learning and found DAMA and CDMP. And while doing that, I found out Cognopia and Neil in terms of an organization which was offering that help, they can guide in terms of how to read through this 600 plus pages book and how to make out maximum from the exam perspective.

So with my experience around the data platform, I kind of was aware about all the topics more or less. So it was a good and quick read at the first glance, but then going through what Cognopia supported to me in terms of how to understand these knowledge areas, how to understand and go about the exam, how to focus on the questions sometimes because questions could be tricky and then look at the answer how to kind of do the elimination round from the various answers perspective.

And when you have last two choices, typically that’s what it comes to. How do you select the one which makes sense more versus the other one? So that kind of input and the discussion which I have had with Neil for almost like ten, 15 times during my preparation period were pretty helpful.

And yeah, I mean, I would recommend probably if you are looking for a quick check in terms of what you know and how you go about the exam, I would say, you know, reach out to Cognopia and Neil. I think they should be helpful for sure. And all the best.

CDMP Success Story 3 - Mohamed

Mohamed was a new starter in his firm, straight out of college. His boss said “hey, you need to get CDMP certified if you want to make a name for yourself in this industry”…
… so Mohamed did what any new grad would do – grabbed a copy of the DMBoK and thought “I’ve just spent the past 3 years studying books, how hard can this be?”
The problem wasn’t so much the size of the DMBoK – he was used to large text books at University – it was the fact the content is boring and without work experience it’s too hard to read.
He struggled on for a few months before he found the Cognopia Academy – initially taking our Free Online CDMP Practice Assessment.
He thought through his options before committing to our Associate Level Guarantee (score 60%+ or we pay for the re-sit).
Inside 26 days of studying around 2 hours a day, he smashed the CDMP Fundamentals Exam with a mammoth 79%! 🙌👍👊👏
With a Coach in your Corner you can be sure to Ace the CDMP so you can make quicker progress in your career!

So, hello. This is just a quick review about my experience with the Cognopia Academy and how I got certified in less than a month with a pretty decent score. I got 79% in less than a month just by studying about 2 hours or 3 hours a day of consistent studying throughout this throughout the month.

So I came across Cognopia through a friend actually who told me about Cognopia, that it had like 40 questions that we can test ourselves on the CDMP So that’s how it got started and how I, after going through the website for a little bit, I saw that they had a program that guarantees that you’ll pass in a month to get whichever level you’re trying to get, if it’s that, if it’s Associate, Practitioner or Master.

So I signed up for the associate program and I was given a hundred questions that would basically tell me which chapters or knowledge areas that I need to focus on and which I’m good at so I don’t actually have to read a from from page 1 to 600. So basically all I did was focus on the chapters that I was kind of weak on, and that really helped me understand which knowledge areas I need to focus on and which knowledge areas would be helpful to understand and quite a short period of time.

Um, so actually I was told from my company that I need CDMP in August 2022, so it’s been actually about six, seven months since they’ve asked me to take this certification. I’ve tried reading the book, I’ve tried studying chapter by chapter and going through it page by page, but it was just too exhausting and boring, to be honest.

So the this, this course really helped me, um, get my certificate in such a short period of time and get a high grade of 79% actually in just about 26, 27 days with consistent studying of about two hours. So this will really help my profile and this will really boost my CV and resume. And thank you. I’d like to thank Neil and the Cognopia Academy team for all the help they were able to provide me.

CDMP Success Story 4 - Graham

Graham was between jobs and knew that CDMP certification would help him succeed.
His problem was the size of the DMBoK and uncertainty as to whether he could clear the exam without wasting the $311 entrance fee.
Enter the Cognopia Academy‘s CDMP Guarantee – he chose the Practitioner Level guarantee, so we would support him to get at least 70% (giving him the choice of pursuing the Specialist Exams in future).
His first score in our onboarding assessment was 65% – not bad, but we had some work to do…
… fortunately Graham followed the plan, studied our course material, and smashed the final exam with 91% inside a month 👏👏👏
If you need to get the CDMP on your resume to get a better job and make more money, get in touch – we’ll guarantee your grade so you have a coach in your corner to help you succeed.

My situation – I was between jobs for the first time in my career, and I was looking for a way to improve my chances of getting the next role across the line and for my own personal development purposes so that I knew I could smash the next job when it landed.

With Cognopia’s help. I’m pleased to say I nailed the exam. There there’s a huge delta from around 65% in assessments at the start of a course to nailing the exam with over 90% when taking the DAMA.

The DMBoK is a significant body of knowledge to learn. I found Neil and Cognopia focused on what was most important to know for me where where I would need to go deep and continually assessed my learning progress through assessments and fast feedback loops.

I was really impressed with the quality and breadth of the videos, course materials and Cognopia’s approach to sharing the risk on achieving the target results. I found this created a shared motivation to get things right. I certainly recommend Cognopia to others. I believe I have already to to some of my ex and new colleagues. So yeah, yeah, certainly. Certainly. Certainly a worthwhile experience in my view.

CDMP Success Story 5 - Rasmus

Rasmus runs a successful Data Management consultancy in Denmark. He joined the CDMP Academy because he’d seen more requirements for CDMP certification in potential consulting opportunities, and felt it would add to his profile.

Like anyone juggling many clients and a young family, Rasmus found it hard to consistently prioritise DMBoK studies, but with our help he was able to clear the CDMP Fundamentals Exam with an 87% Score!

Congratulations, Rasmus! 👏

So my name is Rasmus Bang and I am an independent consultant specialising in data governance and master data management, and I decided to to try to take the CDMP certification about a year ago. And the reason I the reason I reached out to reach out to Neil here was that I’ve never been very good at doing my homework and especially having many different clients and, you know, a full time family, then it can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task to go through the 600 and whatever many pages of the DMBoK book to get around to studying. So I jumped at the chance to get help to take the CDMP. And I’ve been so incredibly happy with it.

I’ve had many different talks to Neil and I’ve really it’s been great to just to get some support in structuring the reading process and taking all the different test exams and sort of finding a way to get from “Not really knowing what to do” to being able to actually find, finalise the process and take the exam. And I’ve been been I’ve been very happy and very impressed with the with the patience of Neil and the team. I mean like always then there you know, there are things you need to do and then you have to do your taxes and then your kid breaks a leg and then you’ve got some time where you don’t do anything. And Neil’s always been there to sort of gently nudge me towards going, “All right, well, when should we start talking about this again?” And “when are you going to be ready to to to get on with it?”

So I took the exam an hour ago and I passed. And it was wonderful. And I think I can honestly say that I could not have done it without without your help. So thank you very much. And I’ll recommend this to to just about anyone wanting to wanting to get CDMP certified.

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  • When you know Data Governance is the heart of the DAMA Wheel and it’s an area you feel weak in
  • So you have the confidence that someone else will show me how to clear the CDMP 
  • So you can learn a practical study plan from an experienced tutor

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Is this the right choice for me?

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