CDMP Guarantee Terms and Conditions


Cognopia's CDMP Guarantee

Last Updated May 9th 2024

CDMP Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Cognopia guarantees that students enrolled in our CDMP Academy will pass the CDMP Fundamentals exam at the passing tier they have paid for or higher.

Student Obligations:

To be eligible for the guarantee, students must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be a registered user who has fully paid for Cognopia course access.
  • You must have purchased a genuine copy of the DMBOK from DAMA and use it to deepen your understanding of the Data Management Fundamentals tested in the CDMP Exam.
  • Students are responsible for the initial DAMA exam fee.
  • You must invest at least 20 study hours following the Cognopia Academy team’s instructions.
  • You must take the official “CDMP Fundamentals Practice Exam” on the DAMA site, and provide evidence to Cognopia of passing the Practice Exam with a perfect score (40/40) three times consecutively before the final exam.
  • You must take Cognopia’s recommended preparation exams, and obtain written approval from Cognopia staff members that you’re ready for the CDMP Fundamentals exam.
  • If you fail, you must provide evidence that the failure was due to not achieving the target grade, NOT due to a violation of the Honorlock Online Proctoring service rules.

Cognopia's Obligations:

Please note that Cognopia is acting as a consultant and guide to content that has been created by DAMA International and is contained in the Data Management Body of Knowledge book.

  • We provide content to help you study effectively for the CDMP Fundamentals Exam, acting as a concierge to your learning journey.
  • We recommend content for you to review, exercises to complete, and sections of the DMBOK to study where your scores are weakest.
  • We encourage you to ask questions to deepen your knowledge, leveraging our team and the Academy Groups for support and advice.

If you fail to achieve the guaranteed grade, Cognopia will cover the cost of the exam retake, and continue to provide training until you achieve your target grade. We’ll also conduct a 1-hour debrief to identify why you missed your target and develop an action plan.

To leverage our guarantee, the exam resit must occur within one year from your registration date for the Cognopia CDMP Academy.


This guarantee does not alter or amend the terms of service for using Cognopia Academy’s products and services. Please refer to the Terms of Service page for full details.

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