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Untrained data teams perform 19% worse than their trained peers.

Imagine how much easier your life will be when you know the 6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance…

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Imagine how easy life would be if someone organised everything you need to know in a single course. 

Imagine watching entertaining course videos with practical, real-world examples rather than boring theory. 

Feel the frustrations and anxieties ebbing away once you know where to start, what to do and how to achieve your goals.

Take this course and you’ll never need to run another Google search for data governance knowledge again. All the information you need to win at data governance is wrapped up in an hour and 41 minutes of straightforward, no-nonsense lesson content.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch some of the sample lessons below:

Master Data Introduction

Master data defines the core relationships your business has. It’s critical to get right. Learn what goes wrong when master data is unmanaged in this 3 minute 16 second long lesson.

Link good data to good business

If you’re struggling to get the business to care about data improvements you’ve got to find a way to hit them where it hurts – their revenues. In 3 mins and 42 seconds we show how to link customer experience to great data, and put a price on fixing it.

What stops you being data-driven?

It’s all well and good to push out businesses to be data-driven, but there’s good reasons why they struggle. Learn what to do about it in this 3 minute, 39 second long lesson.

$ 0
Average salary for those with data governance skills

What others are saying:

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