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Ace the CDMP in One Month


or we'll pay for the re-sit...

You know you need the CDMP Certificate to get past HR checks and get your next dream job.

You also know the DMBOK is big, scary and boring.

If you’re in a hurry to pass the CDMP so you can get a better job and make more money, please read on.

The DAMA Wheel

You've seen the DMBoK. It's a big, thick book. So who wants to read that cover to cover, right?

Head of Data and Analytics, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

To pass quickly, you need guided study

Right, first time


There are 628 pages in the DMBOK. We will show you which ones you must read, and which you can ignore

Steep learning curve


You have plenty of hands-on Data Management experience. We'll fill any gaps in your knowledge


You're applying for jobs AND networking. Fit your study around your schedule, not around your course

Helping hand


Join a cohort of CDMP study peers, expand your network AND help each other get the best score possible

Neil Burge - Course Instructor
Neil Burge, frustrated DMBOK reader

I passed in under one month, whilst running 2 companies and moving home. You can, too!

If you’re like me, reading the DMBOK from cover-to-cover was not an option. The content is too theoretical and boring to digest. I created a better way to pass the exam, inside one month, then trained my colleague Cliff to get his CDMP inside 2 weeks.

I’ll show you how you can Ace the CDMP in one month, too.

How you can Ace the CDMP in one month:

In order to quickly pass the CDMP, with the highest score possible, you need to focus your study on the areas where your knowledge is weakest.

Fortunately, this has a second benefit: developing the skills and filling in gaps in your knowledge that will help you get a better job and prove you’re a Data Management Expert.

Our approach is proven to work, and we’re so confident that we’ll pay for a re-sit of the exam if you fail to get the result you want.

Guided study, in action:

Right, first time

Step One

You take a "Mock Exam" - 100 questions in 90 minutes. We use this to identify your strengths and weaknesses

Steep learning curve

Step Two

We create a bespoke study plan that guides your learning and fills in any gaps in your knowledge and experience

Step Three

You study the materials we share, and the DMBOK chapters where your knowledge is weakest and the opportunity highest

Helping hand

Step Four

We collaborate as a group to bring up the knowledge level of all participants, learning from the skills and experience of others

I really like the example CDMP questions, showing you what the exam might ask you

Head of Data Management, Fortune 500 Technology Company

Who is the CDMP Academy for?

The ideal audience for the Cognopia CDMP Academy:

I'm an experienced professional and I am looking to get back into a senior-level position within the space. That means the ROI is going to be much higher for me to get the certification because the salary expectations are on the higher side of the market

Senior Manager, Data Governance, Top 50 Global Bank

What's Included?

Here’s how we ensure you pass, first time, inside a month:

Once the Cognopia team has determined you’re ready to take the real exam, we’ll give you a final pep-talk, and sign you off to pass the final test with flying colours!

So, do you want to join the next study group?

If you need to get CDMP Certified so you can get a better job and showcase your Data Management skills, why waste time and money with the DMBOK? We will get you CDMP certified inside a month so you can get past the HR CV checks and get on with making more money.

Apply to join the CDMP Academy:

We will match you into the right study group for your needs. Select your desired CDMP Pass mark and Price Tier from the box below, and complete the form to apply.

Select this option if you just want to pass the CDMP at the minimum grade - a 60% pass mark. This grade entitles you to the "CDMP Associate" designation and is the entry level pass mark.

The cost for this is the same as the CDMP Final Exam - $311 USD

If you score 70% in the CDMP Fundamentals Exam you'll achieve the "Practitioner" level. 

Note you'll also need to pass two "Specialist Exams" at 70% or higher if you want the Practitioner designation. Cognopia is NOT providing training for the Specialist Exams at this point in time.

The cost for this is $467 USD - as we need to train you to a higher standard before you can definitely achieve this result

The highest pass mark for the CDMP Fundamentals exam is the "Master Level" - which requires a score >80%. 

We will coach you to score more than 80% in the CDMP Fundamentals Exam. You will need to take 2 further Specialist Exams (and pass >80%) to achieve the Master designation (not included in this price).

The cost for this guarantee is $622 USD - but think how much more valuable you'll be with this top-tier certification!

Fill out the application form today!

Our Guarantee:

Unless you successfully achieve the pass mark you selected and paid for, we will pay for you to re-sit the CDMP Fundamentals Exam until you achieve the score you paid for.

In order to qualify, students need to be approved to take the final exam by the Cognopia team and have invested at least 20 hours of self-study during the prior month before sitting the exam.

You no longer need to worry “will I have to spend my own money to retake the test?” – we’ll make sure you pass, first time, with the score you need to succeed.

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