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Ready to Stand Out in Your Career?

Fast-Track Your Success With Our Focused Course

Invest in your future with our in-depth course, crafted to help you ace the CDMP Fundamentals Exam. Start today and pave your way to a successful career.

What's Our Track Record?

Average Score: 81.9%

Quickest Pass: 2 weeks

Highest Score: 97%

With an average student grade of 81.9%, the quickest time to pass of just two weeks, and the highest grade of a whopping 97%, we’re proud of the results our students achieve. Want to know what they have to say about us? Check out the sliders below with testimonials from our students

Real CDMP Student Success Stories:

Your CDMP Success Journey - Streamlined, Personalised, Guaranteed

Our CDMP Academy is more than just a course. We give you a roadmap to certification success – with step-by-step, guided study, personalised strategies, and, most importantly, our Cognopia Guarantee. If you don’t pass your CDMP certification in your first attempt, we’ll pay for your re-sit.

You've seen the DMBoK. It's a big, thick book. So who wants to read that cover to cover, right?

Head of Data and Analytics, Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

The Cognopia Way to Ace the CDMP

Step One:


Take a mock exam of 100 questions to help us identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Step Two:


Customised Study Plan:

Based on your pre-assessment, we create a personalized study plan that targets your weak areas and builds on your strengths.

Step Three:

Guided Learning:

Watch video lessons that make it easy to understand the most important concepts to patch gaps in your knowledge. Take quizzes to measure and shape your progress.

Step Four:

Helping hand

Mentorship and Support

 You will have a CDMP Coach and Mentor to guide you, motivate you, and ensure you're exam-ready.

I really like the example CDMP questions, showing you what the exam might ask you

Head of Data Management, Fortune 500 Technology Company

Is the CDMP Academy for you?

If you resonate with at least three of the below, our Academy will be a great fit for you:

Immediately after passing the CDMP I noticed a major change in the Interviews I had. Before I was selling myself to the company, but once I got the CDMP the companies started to sell me the benefits of joining their firm!

Head of Data Quality,  Top 20 Global Asset Manager

Why Cognopia?

We’re committed to your success and we’re ready to back it up with a guarantee. Here’s why we can assure you’ll pass the first time:

Once the Cognopia team has determined you’re ready to take the real exam, we’ll give you a final pep-talk, and sign you off to pass the final test with flying colours!

Right, first time

Ready to Stand Out in Your Career?

Fast-Track Your Success With Our Focused Course

Invest in your future with our in-depth course, crafted to help you ace the CDMP Fundamentals Exam. Start today and pave your way to a successful career.

Our Guarantee: Success or We Pay for Your Resit

If you want to take away all the anxiety of clearing the CDMP exam, you can choose to pay for our Guaranteed CDMP Success plan. This is our highest level of service, working to find and fix gaps in your knowledge until we’re certain you’ll pass.

If you miss the grade, we’ll work with you and pay for your exam resit ($211). By aligning our interests you’ll get a coach in your corner and the confidence you need to succeed.

Ideal for independent learners who are not in a rush, this tier gives you full access to our CDMP course materials and extensive quiz bank. Learn at your own pace, when it suits you, without any distractions. 

Is this the right choice for me?

This membership is right for you if you agree with most of the following:

  • When you prefer to invest your own time to self-study vs investing money for more instructor support
  • When you need to learn how to study the DMBoK most effectively
  • When you want to test your own learning using our extensive bank of practice questions
  • So you can go at your own pace
  • So you have the feeling you did this yourself

Note: This tier does not include access to our “6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance” course or any additional instructor support or guarantees.

Perfect for those seeking a more structured learning path, this tier includes everything in the Self-Study Plan, plus a personalised study plan based on an initial assessment quiz.

Is this the right choice for me?

This membership is right for you if you agree with most of the following:

  • When you don’t want to go it alone, and need an instructor to guide your study
  • When you want to find and fix the gaps in your practical knowledge with DMBoK theory
  • When you know Data Governance is the heart of the DAMA Wheel and it’s an area you feel weak in
  • So you have the confidence that someone else will show me how to clear the CDMP 
  • So you can learn a practical study plan from an experienced tutor

Note: This tier does not include our mentorship program or guarantee, but you will have access to our “6 Easy Steps to Win at Data Governance” course.

Our most comprehensive plan, designed for learners looking for a high level of support and a guarantee. You’ll get everything in the Guided CDMP Study plus our ‘70%+ Score Guarantee’ for your CDMP Exam – we’re so confident in our course and mentorship program that if you don’t pass, we will cover your resit fee.

This is ideal for those looking to step up in their career to eventually become a CDO or be seen as an industry thought-leader.

Is this the right choice for me?

This membership is right for you if you agree with most of the following:

  • When I have more than 10 years experience and need to demonstrate my expertise in this field by getting a high grade on the CDMP exam
  • When I’m happy to pay more money to guarantee my success and get more personal engagement with the trainer
  • When I need to pass the CDMP quickly to get a better job and make more money
  • So I can step up and take on a Data Leadership position with confidence
  • So I can prove that I am a certified expert that demands respect to myself, my clients or my employers
  • So I don’t have to worry about missing my grade or paying for the re-sit with a coach in my corner

This is the ONLY CDMP course on the market where you get hands-on instruction AND a guarantee that you’ll pass. We are so confident in our ability to get you the grade that we will pay for you to re-sit the exam if you miss your score. 

Unsure Which Membership to Choose?

Try our Course for just $49 for 7 days

Test the waters with a 7-day trial membership that lets you access our course materials and resources for just $49.

Common Questions:

To help you make the decision, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below:

How much will it cost me to get CDMP certified, in total?

There are three main things you need to pay for:

  1. A copy of the DMBoK – the eBook is cheapest at around $50 USD – which you buy direct from DAMA
  2. The official CDMP Fundamentals exam – which costs you $311 USD – you need to purchase this directly from DAMA, but don’t need to buy it until you’re ready to take the exam
  3. Our CDMP Academy fees – which range from $297 to $1297 USD

As such, the cheapest CDMP certification you could achieve is self-study, for $361 USD, and the cheapest CDMP Certification with our help is $658 USD in total.


If you take the CDMP Fundamentals Exam and miss your desired grade, it costs $211 USD to re-sit the exam. If you purchase our guarantee, we’ll pay that fee in the event you fail to achieve at least 70% on the CDMP Fundamentals Exam. As such, we take away the risk of failure and act as insurance for students that need the confidence to pass.

There's a big difference in price for your help, which option is right for me?

It depends on your goals and objectives for getting CDMP certification, as well as your confidence levels. 

  • If you want to use our Course Materials and quizzes to “DIY” your study, save money and do more of the work yourself
  • If you need our help to prioritise your study and the additional information in our Data Governance course, choose the middle option to get a guided study plan made just for you
  • If you know you need to score at least 70% in the exam, you need a mentor and coach to guide and motivate you, or you need the CDMP quick so you can get a new job, choose our Guaranteed grade and we’ll make it happen

The pricing is designed to make it as accessible as possible for people with different financial backgrounds, study time constraints and needs. You can upgrade your membership at any time if you feel you need more help.

If I convert from the paid trial to a full membership, do I get my trial fee back?

The Trial fee allows you to experience the course for 7 days, use a 100-question practice exam, and decide whether you want to join as a full member for just $7 a day.

If you upgrade during the trial, the fee will be pro-rated from the price of your full membership. Students that upgrade quickly save the most.

If you are convinced you want to join and don’t need the trial, join as a full member immediately to save money.

I've been thinking about getting the CDMP for a while, but lack the motivation. Can you help give me a boost to finally get this certification?

Setting goals and objectives can help when struggling with motivation. 

First, understand why you’re looking to get the CDMP.

  • Are you trying to keep up with peers, or stand out in the job market?
  • Or is it just to round out your knowledge and give you a confidence boost?

Once you’ve decided how important this is, set a date by which you’ll complete it and publicly announce this. That will keep you focused.

Lastly, many students register to “make a commitment” – by joining a course they get help to pass, but also the added benefit of knowing they’ve paid a course fee and now need to get value from it.

What do I need to do to register for the Cognopia Academy?

The registration process is straightforward.

  1. Select the membership that’s right for you, and click on the registration button
  2. Enter your details, pick a username and password
  3. Make payment by Credit Card – we use Stripe

That’s it – once you pay you’ll be sent a welcome email explaining how to use our content, and our team will be on standby to review your onboarding assessment and help you get certified

If I get stuck during the course, can I reach out to you for help?

Absolutely – we’re here to help. The level of support is based on your membership choice:

  • Self-study Plus members get technical and account based support, only
  • Guided CDMP Study members will get a customised onboarding assessment to guide your study plan
  • Guaranteed CDMP Success members will get our highest level of support, providing customised onboarding AND ongoing support to ensure you pass at or above 70% in the CDMP Fundamentals Exam. If you get stuck on any concept, we’ll work it through to ensure you get “unstuck”.

Choose your membership level according to how much assurance and assistance you need to succeed.

What content do you provide as part of this CDMP Academy?

There are three main components to the Cognopia CDMP Academy:

  1. Video lessons explaining the CDMP study process, so you learn how to use your time effectively and how to approach the exam with the intent to score heavily
  2. Video lessons focused on the DMBoK knowledge areas you’ll be tested on. We focus on the things you need to know to get the grade, not the noise and filler that makes up a lot of the DMBoK itself
  3. Over 450 practice exam questions that you can use to test your knowledge and identify where you need to focus your study

The exams can be taken any time. We’ll keep an eye on your attempts and provide you guidance on what else you need to study if you’ve paid for our CDMP Guarantee.

How much time will it take for me to pass this exam?

This varies depending on your level of experience, the amount of study you’ve already done, and the grade you are aiming to achieve. Based on our analysis of the students so far:

  • 28% of people that take our Practice exam get <40% on their first attempt. They should be able to score 60% in one month, but it might take 6-8 weeks of study to score 80% or more
  • 39% of people score between 40 and 60% in their first attempt. They could get the Associate tier inside 2 weeks, or spend 4-6 weeks studying to get the Practitioner or Master tier
  • 19% of people score 60% or more on their first attempt, and could easily get a Master or Practitioner score inside a few weeks
  • 13% of people score 70% on their first attempt, meaning we could get them the Master tier inside a week 
  • And finally, 1% score the Master grade to begin with – typically those with deep experience

Once you complete our onboarding practice exam we will be able to advise you on your own learning journey, including how much time and effort you’ll need to get the grade you pay for (unless you’re on the Self-study Plus plan).

How long will I have access to the content for? I'm worried a project might come up that distracts me from this study

During the Trial period you’ll have access to the content for 7 days.


Once you choose to upgrade, you’ll have access to the course content forever. Whilst we want to help you quickly and easily pass the CDMP, ideally within a month, we also understand that sometimes life gets in the way.


We’ll be here to help get you back on track if you need to take time to focus on a more urgent work or home priority. 

Are there live classes? I'm not sure I can fit them around my schedule.

None of the content is provided live. Instructor support is delivered asynchronously as video or audio reviews based on exam progress.


You can watch our video content at your own pace, or read the lesson transcript if you prefer to read. Take practice exams that fit your schedule – we offer 100 questions, 40 questions, 20 questions or 10 question quizzes – so you can fit them around your lunchtime.

Will the CDMP Academy help me pass the Specialist exams, too?

The CDMP Academy is focused on helping students achieve their desired grade in the CDMP Fundamentals Exam, only. Some of our students are aiming to take the Specialist Exams, and you can use our 450 practice question bank to help prepare, but the guarantee only applies for the Fundamentals Exam itself.

Will you mentor me through the content?

Yes, if you pay for our CDMP Guarantee. If you have questions or struggle with the content, reach out to us or post in the Cognopia Academy CDMP discussion groups you get access to as part of your membership. We want you to succeed quickly and we’re here to make that happen.

For those on the Self-Study Plus tier then you will need to upgrade to a higher tier if you need guided study plans or mentorship.

The DMBoK is really boring. Is your content also going to make me fall asleep?

Our lessons are bite-sized – around 5 minutes long. This “micro-learning” environment helps ensure your focus remains “switched on” at all times.


The interactive quizzes help test your knowledge, with explanations and links to ONLY the relevant sections of the DMBoK provided. 

I hated exams at school and struggle with formal study, can you still help me?

Absolutely – in fact you’re probably our ideal student. A big part of passing the CDMP with a high score is learning how to answer the multiple choice questions and use the knowledge you have. We’ll help that knowledge escape your brain and help you hate exams a little bit less.

What does the Cognopia Guarantee cover?

We guarantee that you will pass the CDMP Fundamentals Exam at 70% or higher, which means you can confidently take the exam knowing you’ll have the option of pursuing the Specialist Exams in future.


If you take the CDMP Fundamentals Exam and fail to achieve at least 70%, we will pay for the $211 USD re-sit of the exam on your behalf, and we’ll work with you to get the right grade next time.

Check out the full terms and conditions of the guarantee here

I'm planning to study the DMBoK later this month, when should I join the CDMP Academy?

Why not start with our Trial? It will teach you how to study the DMBoK, it will show you how to prioritise your time, and the 100-question onboarding quiz will find the gaps in your knowledge and let you know how you’d perform if you took the exam today.


At just $49, it’s cheaper than the DMBoK and more interactive. You can always upgrade to a paid course with us, or choose to “go it alone” with the DMBoK in future.

I want to persuade my company to fund this. Can you help?

Sure – why not try customising one of these templates to fit your circumstances? Remember to make the email about the benefit of being certified FOR YOUR BOSS or FIRM, no just for you:

Option 1: For “Self-Study Plus”

Subject: Investing in Our Data Future – The Self-Study Way

Hey [Manager’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been exploring ways we could elevate our data management strategies, and I found something that might just be the answer.

Cognopia offers a CDMP (Certified Data Management Professional) course under their “Self-Study Plus” tier. The program provides the foundation of data management concepts and principles, and I believe it could directly impact our w